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Citizen Centricity

Asher Citizen Centricity is a city / county performance management solution based in a SAP platform. This solution provides a better execute strategy through increased organizational alignment,  agile planning and analysis, and increased transparency and accountabiltty. The result is better performance and increased citizen trust.


With Citizen Centricity we can help you to gain:



  • Better-aligned execution and increased organizational agility


  • Enhanced, fact-based decision making that drives progress on strategic policy goals


Tasks that you can improve


Corporate and entity close

  • Streamline legal and management consolidation and reporting

Cost management

  • Analyze complex what-if scenarios over multiple periods and versions based on activity analitics

Reporting and disclosure

  • Manage the production, filing and publication of financial statements

  • Deliver real-time data access to give users immediate insight into current status

Strategy development and translation

  • Capture measures of performance and interrelationships of tasks and initiatives

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