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Asher & Company offers technology-enabled finance transformation that reduces costs, increases effectiveness and enhances value. Our capabilities and IT solutions enable you to: 


  • Align your financial strategy with your broader business needs, allowing you to manage your assets more easily.


  • Extract relevant data and timely insights from corporate financial and operational systems.


  • Transform analytical processes to improve efficiency, raise service levels and capitalize on enterprise performance management (EPM) and other related technological investments.

In our approach, we follow Management Accounting Principles. They are a set of statements that describe the fundamental values, qualities, norms and features to which management accounting professionals should aspire, and that represent best practice. There are three main principles, underpinned by the professional values of management accountants.


1. Communicating with impact

Objective –  To drive better decisions about strategy execution at all levels. This involves communicating the results of scenario analysis in a manner that is tailored to the decision being considered as well as to the decision-makers (or other audiences). It requires breaking down complexity and transparency about how conclusions have been reached.


2. Modeling value creation

Objective –  To simulate different scenarios that demonstrate the cause-and-effect relationships between inputs and outcomes. This requires a thorough understanding of the business model and a wider macro- economic environment. It involves the analysis of information along the value creation path, the evaluation of opportunities within this context, and a focus on the risks, costs, and value of possibilities.


3. Preparing relevant information

Objective –  To ensure that organizations plan for their information needs when creating tactics for execution. This involves the identification, collection, validation, preparation and storage of information. It requires achieving an appropriate balance between •  Past, present and future-related information. •  Internal and external information. •  Financial and non-financial information.

Strategy, Modeling and get Results!

Asher & Company takes a comprehensive look at economic indicators and envisions strategies and management accounting solutions to ensure our clients a healthy financial future.

EPM Value reporting is our joint consulting and client initiative that reviews key environmental, security, demographic and competitive challenges facing businesses today. We help businesses to re-shape their finance functions on performance management and value creation.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach. Offering decades of finance and accounting expertise, we partner with you on all stages of the development and execution of your financial transformation to produce a “best fit” operating model that aligns with your strategic business objectives. 


Asher’s comprehensive solutions incorporate the following tools: Finance function strategy and finance operating model; Assessment of functional skills, existing performance levels and feasibility of revised operating models, including from tactical outsourcing to full-scale BPO. 


Finance system tactic; Optimization of financial systems through the introduction of new technology and efficiency and cost management. Finance people strategy: Adjustment of investment capability for more efficient staff retention. 


Track Record and Value Delivery. Working closely with CFOs and their employees, we develop sustainable solutions for a holistic change in the finance organization to ensure long-term profitability. Asher & Company has extensive experience and a strong track record helping CFO’s identify, design and build strategies that align with operational business goals. We have partnered with clients from a wide array of sectors in all stages of the strategic financial cycle.

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